FTC Undertakes Enforcement Actions Under “Operation Collection Protection”

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has taken action against four debt collection firms claiming they impersonated law enforcement officials, made threatening and harassing calls, failed to provide legally required disclosures and collected debts consumers did not owe.  The FTC targeted the following firms:

  ■  AFS Legal Services

  ■  Samule Sole and Associates

  ■  Warrant Enforcement Division

  ■  Williams, Scott & Associates

Operation Collection Protection was announced by the FTC in November of 2015 as a coordinated federal-state enforcement initiative to curb deceptive and abusive debt collection practices. Some in the collection industry have criticized the FTC’s effort as not clearly differentiating between illegal operations and legitimate debt collectors struggling to comply with unclear and complex laws and regulations.

Read the FTC’s Full Press Release Here

To learn more about these actions or the FTC’s Operation Collection Protection initiative or what you should do if faced with legal action please contact Joseph Messer at 312-334-3440 or jmesser@messerstrickler.com.