Joseph Messer to Participate in ACA International Leadership Symposium in January 2014

ACA International will be hosting its annual Leadership Symposium in January 2014 in Aspen, CO.  This event is designed for ACA International members who are leaders in the credit and collection industry.  The Symposium is designed to sharpen participants’ leadership skills and encourage exchange of experience and ideas.  Messer Strickler, Ltd. partner Joseph Messer will be participating at the Symposium and sharing his below “Best Idea” and a “Burning Issue”:

Best Idea

Many Collection agencies spend substantial amounts of money and time defending lawsuits brought by debtors under consumer protection laws.  While agencies need good legal compliance programs to avoid lawsuits in the first place, consumer lawsuits are often unavoidable.  To reduce litigation defense costs agencies should implement streamlined procedures with their defense counsel to manage consumer lawsuits from cradle to grave.  A good system reduces costs by providingagency's decision maker with the information they need to decide the best course of action for each lawsuit at the outset, while minimizing the back and forth communication and negotiation process typically inherent in the lawsuit defense process.  By implementing such a system agencies can also avoid increases to their E&O insurance premiums by removing the vast majority of consumer lawsuits from the insurance claim process.  I have developed several of these systems with our agency clients and would like to share these successes with Leadership Symposium attendees.

Burning Issue

Compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).  Each year the number of TCPA lawsuits against collection agencies increases.  Although the ACA and other organizations areworking on a legislative fix, unless and until the TCPA is changed agencies must find ways to comply with the law to avoid potentially enormous - and uninsured - liability imposed by the TCPA.

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