New Compliance Resource: Fair Debt Collection Statutes by State

We know that our clients, as well as many other professionals in debt collection industry, are diligent in their efforts to comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) as well as state fair debt collection regulations.  However, while the FDCPA is familiar to many since it is applicable in all states, not everyone is aware that most of states also have their own fair debt collection statutes.

To aid our clients, friends and website visitors in their compliance needs, we have created a list of fair debt collection statutes by state (and U.S. territory) which is conveniently located on our website.   Our list contains the citations to state-specific debt collection laws and easy to use links to the statutes themselves.   However, while reviewing the state fair debt collection statutes, please remember that each U.S. state and territory is subject to the FDCPA, a federal regulation.  Even if state does not have its own state fair debt collection statute, the FDCPA is still applicable.

We hope this resource will serve you and your business well.  Messer Strickler, Ltd. partners Nicole Strickler & Joseph Messer are seasoned litigators and compliance advisors on the FDCPA, state fair debt collection regulations, and other consumer laws.  They have multiple years of experience representing their clients in consumer law litigation and compliance and also regularly present before the industry’s most recognized trade organizations.

Please keep in mind these state law resources are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. If you have any question regarding state and federal consumer laws, contact Nicole Strickler (, (312) 334-3442) or Joseph Messer (, (312) 334-3440).