Commercial Real Estate

From small to large, every business must deal with situations involving real estate. Whether you are negotiating the sale or purchase of a business facility, contracting for construction or remodeling, dealing in simple or complex leases, working out financing, developing properties (residential, commercial, industrial), or simply closing on your family home, clients turn to Messer Strickler, Ltd. with confidence.

We help landlords deal with tenants. We help tenants deal with landlords. We resolve problems between owners and contractors, between buyers and sellers, between developers and municipalities.

  • Our expertise in Commercial Real Estate encompasses:
    • Landlord tenant disputes
    • Real estate contracts and closings
    • Real estate financing
    • Lease preparation
    • Loan workouts
    • Mechanics liens
    • Subleasing
    • License agreements
    • Easement agreements
    • Buy-out deals
    • Title Issues