It is our mission to be victorious litigators, successful negotiators, wise counselors, and the best place for the best people to work.

Working at Messer Strickler, Ltd.

Our firm is a strong, growing organization that offers a comparatively different vantage point from other law firms. We are entrepreneurial, and we favor a work balance that provides an excellent quality of life for everyone who works here. We  provide our new associates with all the tools to be successful. We offer competitive pay and excellent benefits. All of our attorneys have their own offices, access to support staff, and the latest computer technology. The firm leadership is readily available to provide assistance when needed, and you have the freedom and autonomy to work on your own when you don’t. These experiences will provide you with an interesting and diverse practice. Whether you have your own client base or are looking to build one, Messer Strickler, Ltd. provides an excellent platform to help you be successful.

We want to create a unique environment where our attorneys are encouraged to take charge and excel as successful lawyers. Our firm is frequently called upon to give legal advice as well as innovative business solutions for our clients’ problems, and it is these aspects of our practice that our team finds most satisfying. We therefore invite intelligent, workable, creative, ethical, hardworking, and practical approaches to our work (and a sense of humor wouldn’t hurt).

As it says right in our mission statement: “We want to be the best place for the best people to work.” Our goal is to become one of the preeminent boutique law firms in Chicago. Passing the bar is one thing; we’re looking for people who raise it higher. So, if you are a talented lawyer with initiative and an entrepreneurial spirit, we encourage you to email us and learn about our full-time associate positions.

Our Culture

Messer Strickler, Ltd. has become one of the preeminent legal boutiques in the Midwest by creating a culture of connectedness with our clients, our attorneys, and our employees though the 3-Cs of practice, following the traditions of the most prominent legal firms in our profession:


People with charisma exude a sense of presence and confidence that is admired by those around them. While some people are born with charisma, most of us must work to acquire it. Charismatic leaders seek first to understand, then to be understood. Charisma is one of the characteristics that attracts clients, and in the courtroom, jurors and judges are persuaded by it.


Competent lawyers are constantly learning, inquiring, and seeking creative solutions for their clients. Lawyers best demonstrate competence when they present a thoroughly prepared case that covers every possible angle. Competence in a lawyer shows they care for their profession and their clients.


Caring About Clients: Good lawyers truly care about their clients. On a deeper level, they enjoy helping people. At Messer Strickler, Ltd., we know the best way to find out how to help our clients is to ask. By truly understanding our clients and their legal objectives we are better able to help them. This is why our clients place their trust in us. And when judges and jurors see that trust they want to do what is right for our clients.

Caring About Employees: Most people want to be part of something successful. At Messer & Strickler, Ltd., we recruit those success-oriented individuals and treat them in a responsible and professional manner. We provide our employees with a great deal of autonomy, which we believe breeds trust. And we have found that trust is a powerful reward. When we involve one of our team in a client’s legal matter, they become so involved, it virtually becomes their legal matter, and their passion for the issue helps drive better solutions for our clients.

Caring About The Success of our Team: The drive to succeed is most likely to exist throughout an organization when members know exactly is expected from them and what constitutes their best performance. This is why Messer Strickler, Ltd. has developed specific measures of performance that link individual achievement with our overall vision for client success. When we mentor individuals, monitor progress, and measure results, success becomes assured and predictable.

We are always looking for those who share our vision. Reach out to us if you believe you would be a good fit for our growing team!