Our Mission

Messer Strickler, Ltd. is a premier client-focused boutique litigation firm striving to provide personal service along with the highest standards of professional assistance.

Who We Are

Messer Strickler, Ltd. was formed by Joseph Messer and Nicole Strickler who created a boutique law firm that combines exceptional ethics, a broad set of business experiences, and a love and passion for the law to provide the desired results for their clients at a reasonable price. Messer Strickler, Ltd. was founded on the principles that hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, and a client-centric focus can achieve results. In 2018, Lauren Burnette joined the Messer Strickler, Ltd. team as shareholder opening its Jacksonville office.

We recognize that people want to buy effective solutions to their legal challenges, not attorney time. Messer Strickler, Ltd. proudly guides its clients through a wide range of legal minefields, while successfully building long-term client relationships. Our team of lawyers prides itself on providing the highest level of quality and reliability. While we practice in numerous areas, we specifically focus on commercial litigation, consumer financial services, labor and employment law, and corporate issues.

Our Strategy and Approach

Messer Strickler, Ltd. strives to develop and retain long-term client relationships. In furtherance of that mission, we have developed core operational standards in dealing with our clients. These include ensuring prompt communication with our clients to keep them informed of our progress. For better or for worse, many of our clients have our personal cell phone numbers. We are available when our clients need us.

We are also clear and frank about our clients’ options. Many times, our clients are in precarious situations through no fault of their own, but are in need of a candid appraisal of their options at the start of our engagement. We work with clients to choose the best solution to their legal issues. 

We work hard to become experienced and involved in our clients’ environments. We join trade organizations, present at conferences, and stay apprised of the important issues affecting your business. We want to know the issues our clients may face next month, and next year. We want to see our clients succeed.